At Jacksonville Public Library, 2011. Photo by Jenny Kalota.

My name is Shelton Hull. I was born in Jacksonville on February 14, 1978, and I am a writer/reporter based in Florida. I have written the “Money Jungle” column (now in flux) for Folio Weekly since November 1999 and the “Minority Report” for Ink 19 Online since 1998; I’ve recently begun writing a column called “The Art of Music” for Arbus Magazine.

I have also written, on a freelance basis, for over 40 other magazines, newspapers, zines and websites including the Florida Times-Union, Jacksonville Magazine, Entertaining U,,, Prax, Movement Magazine,, Lew, Pop, The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report, and Section Eight. Most of this writing was done some years, so I have no idea what remains online.


Twitter: @sheltonhull

Skype: shelton.hull

(904)309-1208 cell; (904)260-9770 ext 352 ofc.

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  2. Your piece about Daniel Somerson was full of hearsay, innuendo and slander. Your article is a textbook example of why Americans dislike and distrust the media… all the way down to writer wanna-be types, like yourself.

  3. “tedroberts”: your comments are appreciated, but if you wanted to take issue with my reporting on Mr. Somerson, a more appropriate place would’ve been in the comment-thread attached to the actual story. I will thus assume you put it here for–well, I have no idea. Anyway, it is to be expected that when writing in real-time about situations like that, mistakes will be made, as there was much at the time that was still unclear. However, I don’t recall making any mistakes there. The facts were as reported, and whatever speculations were contained therein were either borne out by subsequent fact or corrected in later updates. I reject the charges of “hearsay, innuendo and slander”, as my reporting was based on the fullness of the public record, as well as my own personal friendship with Mr. Somerson, which went back over a decade. His death shocked and disturbed me, and I reported the story with utmost care. As for that little crack at the end, note that it comes deliberately attached to the very page where I briefly outline my experience. You are free to say that I’m a bad writer, even a terrible one, but the “wanna-be” tag expired 15 years ago. Thanks!

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