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Activists Wanted: Cabot’s-Koppers Superfund Site (Gainesville, FL)


[The following–lightly edited for style, not for content–was sent in from Fans of Wild Iris Books, a bookstore and cafe catering to the gay/lesbian/hippie/alternative religion community of Gainesville, FL, as well as colleagues, cohorts, confidants, co-conspirators and other sympathetic parties.

The saga of the state’s Superfund sites has seen vast, wide, prolific explication, but there is always more to that story. There are two rallies planned for the next couple of weeks, and the store has plenty of extra information. I would encourage any readers in the beautiful Gainesville area to get involved, especially the young activists related to UF, SFSC and the glorious Civic Media Center. Also curious for insight from anyone who specializes in these issues. ]

Have you heard about the TOXIC Cabot’s-Koppers Superfund Site right here in Gainesville??? If not, here are the basics. Located in the heart of Gainesville, the Koppers Superfund Site is listed as one of the EPA’s top toxic sites and has been polluting Gainesville since 1983.

The site is releasing over 32 pollutants/toxins including Cresote, Napthalen, Carcinogenic aromatic chemicals, Dioxins, Copper Arsenate and Arsenic. Huge clouds of highly toxic, carcinegenic dioxin-laden dust regularly blow off the site into and throughout Gainesville. Our soil and air have already been polluted and soon these toxins will pollute our water supply as well.

Koppers will not leave town and clean the site unless WE rally and demand that authories take charge of the situation and protect the health of our citizens. We need volunteers to make calls to Gainesville residents alerting them of the danger and encouraging them to take part in several rallies to continue to garner public and media attention and force Koppers into action. You can also purchase support T-Shirts at Wild Iris Books for only $15 and the proceeds will benefit the costly legal help that we will need to fight for this cause.

Never phonebanked? Don’t worry; we will provide you with phone scripts and answers to all the questions that people may ask. All you need is a desire to save Gainesville from these pollutants. YOU can make a difference in protecting OUR community.

Find out more information about the site here: http://superfund.friendsofwildiris.org/

Please think about volunteering to make some phone calls and help get the message out that Gainesville will not stand for the poisoning of our soil, air, and water. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! Please feel free to contact me with any questions. No amount of time is too small, even a couple of phone calls can help spread the word. Please forward this message on to anyone who may be interested in helping.

10/24 – 200 NW 23rd Ave (by Koppers Main Entrance)
9:00am – 1:00pm

10/29 – City/County Koppers Hearing, County Building, Downtown Gainesville
4:00pm Onwards

11/7 – 200 NW 23rd Ave (by Koppers Main Entrance)
9:00am – 1:00pm

Signs will be provided – just bring yourself!

Erica Merrell
Friends of Wild Iris