Music: Phillip Casey–“Let’s Live Together/Let’s Live Forever”


[Note: I wrote this before realizing I needed to buy a “Space Upgrade” in order to post mp3s to this blog. Since all my savings were just squandered on a City Council campaign that most voters couldn’t even be bothered to participate in, the upgrade will have to wait a few weeks. Pending that, the post goes up anyway; if you’d like to hear the song, just e-mail me at, and I will forward the mp3 to you. Or you can listen to it on his Soundcloud page. ]

Phil Casey on the drums

I’ve been following the music of Phillip Casey Cardona since early 2008, when he was one-half of Fruit Cove’s own America del Sur. That band played a number of shows around Northeast Florida, often opening for the also now-defunct Fruit Machine, before breaking up that summer; their self-titled EP (on Rack and Ruin) remains the only document of a band that ended way prematurely. Thankfully, both these young fellas (who look like schoolboys but behave like well-mannered maniacs) have continued along their own distinct paths in the music business, paths that will hopefully re-converge again someday. Cardona has been releasing music under his own name. The instrumental “Let’s Live Together/Let’s Live Forever” is built around Cardona’s spacy keyboard patterns and French samples.

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