Tehila Marks Pilates–Yoga Ananda, May 5


[Received this e-mail from author/activist Keith Marks, whose sojourn to Israel produced some of the most interesting writing I’ve seen in years, not to mention his glorious union with Tehila, who returned to Florida with him.]

Yoga Ananda is pleased to announce the arrival of Tehila Marks all the way from Israel!  Tehila has just relocated to Jacksonville.  Her enthusiasm and her knowledge of the body and the pilates method are a breath of fresh air in Jacksonville

Tehila is certified in mat and machine work, with over five years of work as a trainer and three years as a pilates office manager.  She recently closed her own studio in Tel Aviv to join us in Jacksonville.  Tehila has trained with Tamar Tzachi in Israel, who studied under Deborah Lessen (Co-founder and President of the Pilates Method Alliance).

A typical pilates class is tailored accordingly to the students’ needs.  Pilates is an exact science that requires small class sizes so that the instructor can give as much individual attention as possible.  Pilates is a system of pain prevention as well as a system to bring people out of pain.

Yoga Ananda is holding an “Introduction to Pilates” lecture on Wednesday, May 5th.  We invite anyone interested in body work, healing, health or just plain curious about pilates to join us.  Topics covered will include:

· The history of pilates

· The general idea behind the method

· The differences between yoga and pilates

· What a typical lesson consists of

· Who pilates is for

· How pilates can tighten up anyone’s physical practice

· Tehila’s vision for pilates in Jacksonville

(May 5, 2010, 6:30pm-7:30pm, free event)
Ongoing Pilates Classes will start 5/12/10 and will be held 2 days a week: Wed., 6:30pm & Sun., 4:30pm. Pre-registration and background info is prefered before the day of class so Tehila can ensure the best methods and success for each individual. Class size will be limited to 8, so register early!

1.  Control: The pilates method focuses on control in a way that the mind is in the present moment, focusing on the control of every action, small to large, of the body.  Pilates helps a person develop control over their body and their mind.

2.  Precision: The concept of precision focuses on specific movements done in a specific way to create accuracy of movement within the body.  By learning precision, a person learns how to move efficiently with their body.

3.  Concentration: To achieve both of the above, one must learn how to discipline the mind.  Focus is a key element of the pilates method.

4.  Centering: The center, or core, is the basic physical principle in the pilates method.   Working from the center gives balance to the body.  Strengthening the center allows muscles to cooperate and move synergistically.

5.  Breathing: Each movement comes with a specific breathing pattern.  Pilates has a number of different breathing techniques depending on the goal of the individual.  By focusing on the breath, the principles of pilates have a base to begin. 

6.  Flowing Movement: To put it simply, we are looking for grace.  Each movement should be flowing, gentle and graceful.  Ultimately, this grace comes into all aspects of our life.

6 basic principles of pilates:

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