Sunbears! & MRENC Limited split 7″ EP


New Granada Records 2010; NG018

1. Mind’s Trapped in Static (Sunbears!)
2. His Little Head (SUNBEARS!)
3. La La La La (MRENC)
4. Oh Oh Oh Oh (MRENC)

[I haven’t heard MRENC yet, but I do enjoy Sunbears. Their version of “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” was a highlight of the public mourning that followed Michael Jackson’s suspicious and premature demise. This lightly revised e-mail comes courtesy ofTamps-based New Granada Records.]

Out just in time for this past weekend’s Annual Record Store Day is this new split 7″ EP. 2 songs each from FL’s Sunbears! and MRENC (pronounced MR. E-N-C; a new solo project from The Dark Romantics frontman, Eric Collins). This release is limited to 500 copies, hand-numbered copies on randomly mixed colord vinyl. you’d like to hear a sample, please visit each band’s Myspace page:

Keith & Susie
New Granada Records
P.O. Box 360276
Tampa, FL 33673-0276

Current Roster: Building the State  * Candy Bars * The Dark Romantics * Dear and Glorious Physician
King of Spain * MRENC * New Roman Times * Rec Center * Red Room Cinema * Sunbears! *The Tenant * Jen Wood * Zillionaire


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