“Nike Facebook Blast”


[Received this from Emily Flynn, a member of the Gainesville Student/Farmworker Alliance. Nike has been a long-time leader in the exploitation of sweatshop labor around the world–a vital factor in the massive profits that have made it a nearly-untouchable global monolith. As a long-time Adidas mark, I can never resist the chance to tweak Nike, anyway. That recent ridiculous Tiger Woods ad only enhances the sentiment.]

Hey everyone – the Facebook blast on Nike’s Facebook fan pages has been quite successful just by day 2. let’s keep going at them until they publicly acknowledge the issue with a real solution. Here are the instructions again. This is actually quite fun and a wonderful use of time while procrastinating studying for finals.

Tell Nike what’s up…

1. Get on Facebook. Type in Nike and become a fan of the top sites like Nike, Nike: Just Do It, Nike Running, etc.
2. Write on their wall. Nike: Just Do It – consumers shouldn’t buy from Nike, a serial abuser of workers rights in Honduras where Nike garment workers are owed $2.2 million in unpaid severance. Just Pay It! Learn more at www.justpayit.usas.org
3. Update your own status with all of the Nike pages – @Nike, Nike: Just Do It, Nike Running, Nike Football, NIKETOWN Chicago, Nike Golf – with the same or similar message.
4. Send a message to your USAS affiliates with these instructions
5. Share with your friends 🙂

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