“Specialty Art For Haiti‏” by Lesny JN Felix


[Received the following e-mail recently from my friend Lesny JN Felix, a Haitian-American artist based in NYC. Mr. Felix has released a series of Valentine’s Day greeting cards through etsy.com, which is selling to help raise money for Haitian relief efforts. I’ve kept abreast of his career since walking into an exhibition he shared in the Wildwood District during Art Basel Miami 2007; sadly, it only now occurred to me that the blog makes a nice outlet for the copious updates I get from the dozens of artists/venues I’ve encountered, there and elsewhere.

You’d have to be comatose to have missed coverage of the devastation in Haiti, a tragedy that has probably only begun to unfold. I’ve resisted the urge to opine as politics should be put aside, for now, as the world struggles to keep an awful situation from getting even worse. One might have thought it unthinkable that two of the worst natural disasters in human history (three, if you could the large-scale impact of Katrina) would occur in the 21st century, just a few short years apart. It’s a sobering thought that suggests more, maybe worse to come.

But nevermind that, for now. The serious conversation that Americans need to have about Haiti, and hemispheric relations in general, can wait until we’ve neutralized the two most immediate threats in Haiti now: 1) More death through lack of food, medicine, clean water and sanitation, not to mention the infrastructure needed to get the stuff where it needs to go; and 2) The very real, yet mostly unacknowledged possibility of civil war in Haiti, if not outright anarchy of the sort we’ve seen far too much of in the African Diaspora.

Haiti’s government, always fragile to the point of nonexistence, suffered major losses of irreplaceable personnel; the calamity at its UN mission is a case in point, as well as the Presidential palace, which is widely regarded as a crucial totem for that country’s hopes and dreams–hopes and dreams that have now been utterly destroyed for at least a generation to come. The goverment has lost authority and credibility, given the atrocious building standards permitted in a country that takes regular structural abuse from hurricanes. It is only the comprehensive scope of the damage, and the presence of international interests, that prevents the emergence of entirely new power centres. At best, those forces could coalesce and force a revolution (which the US would attribute to Socialism and act to nullify); at worst, the worst.

Mr. Felix is just one among the many members of a proud Haitian-American community that is that country’s best–maybe only–hope of a stable, secure, serious effort at recovery, and it is in America’s best interests that we support him, and everyone else working on their behalf. You can also contact Felix directly at flex@undergroundartmafia.org.]

Hello my dear friend,
Many people have been affected by what I can view as one of the greatest acts of god since the ten commandments days. As an Haitian born out of Grand Goave, I’ve always felt that our problems go deeper than anything with a hole. We indeed had them and they where beyond being overcome because these holes where like an undying fungus that seemed to manage to stay extremely moist for over 200 years. Now, my hopes are further above the sky because I believe that mother nature and her power have made some extreme sacrifices on the behalf of the people of Haiti, my country and I can’t shed tears because I am beyond moved by the gratitude of the world in their response to the latest tragedy from the hands of nature.

The land is great, just as it could be so damn catastrophic.
In my efforts, I am presenting to you my newest works for the cause of Haiti and I hope to have a group exhibition in the works that some of my artists friends have agreed to participate in. I will keep u posted. Below are the specialty greeting cards from the series of works I’ve painted to help raise money for the great cause in Haiti, my beloved homeland.
Click below to purchase a greeting card to help support the people in Haiti

Best Wishes, Flex/Lesny JN Felix

I do believe this was a test and so far we are exceeding it. All those that have been taken by this earthquake will not die in vain because we have been able to respond as our true brothers keepers for the sake of our mothers. My hometown Grand Goave has been almost completely destroyed by the earthquake. The proceeds from the sale of my artworks will be distributed directly to those great organizations below.


TIME: 7-10pm


Click below to purchase a greeting card to help support the people in Haiti

Click below to purchase a greeting card to help support the people in Haiti
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